Malia Campau, mother of two gorgeous little humans gives us her tips on being a stay at home mum and her advice on intuitive mothering. 
Residing in sunny San Diego, California with husband Derrik and two babies, Storm 3, and Ollie 5. Malia was born in a small town in Indiana USA, with her parents being of Native American and European decent.

Malia’s greatest passion is raising her babies by the ocean. Second to mothering, she’s devoted to living a healthy lifestyle and shares her knowledge on that with as many people as possible.

“Helping others go through that journey makes me so stoked and gives me life.” She says.
We asked Malia a few questions about herself, her life in sunny California and raising her little ones...
What kind of activities do you do to keep your babies entertained & learning?

I’ve noticed that most of our learning and life lessons happen in nature, even when it’s just right off the porch. They’re so naturally curious about bugs, soil, plants, the sun, gardening, etc. I often incorporate the little treasures they find outside in quick math, language art, and science studies. Other than that, they love music and we dance and make up songs daily!
To me, intuitive mothering means trusting my own inner promptings above all else. I feel that modern society urges mothers to tune out their innate instincts; to rely on technology and 'experts' for answers that many times already lie within them. I'm overwhelmed with the joy of true connection that I've been able to have with my children by tuning into the intuition I was designed to use.
“I grew up wanting to model full time but life had other plans and I’m thrilled with it! I still love to model and do occasionally but not nearly enough to call it my ‘job’.”
Are there any hobbies or new projects you’ve personally started during this "stay at home" time?

I haven't started a new hobby so to speak, but being home so much the past 18 months has enabled me to do so many plant dye projects which is something I've fallen in love with over the years!
Any last piece of advice you’d like to share on being a mum, homeschooling or living a healthy lifestyle?

I would say my best advice would be to truly take it day by day and be committed to making small changes/improvements all the time. I haven’t yet arrived to where I want to be as a mom, a teacher, and with lifestyle but I am able to look back and see how far I’ve come over the years and I’m proud of it. Trying to do a complete life shift all at once is overwhelming and often unsustainable.
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