Meet the Nomads | Part 1

Meet the Nomads


Come with us on a journey as we take a trip around the globe, in a multi part series of the adventures of the beautiful Nomads of LILYA.


@thenomadicpeople wearing Sonora Top - Ivory

@morganfaithsuarez wearing Cedar Wrap Dress - Cornsilk




@hola_mia wearing Zinnia Top - White

@jenniferbachdim wearing Zinnia Top - Black

@xoxobeaa Cadiz Linen Dress - Sand

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Our beautiful LILYA girls in order of appearance: 
Marrakesh, Morocco: @thenomadicpeople
Copenhagen, Denmark: @morganfaithsuarez
Vienna, Austria: @melanie.licht
Colorado Springs, USA:  @steph.pollock
Bali, Indonesia: @hola_mia
Bali, Indonesia: @jenniferbachdim
USA: @xoxobeaa