Behind the lens: Heather Loegering

Meet Heather Loegering for LILYA SS24
Meet Heather Loegering, the photographer behind the lens of LILYA's Canyon SS24 campaign. In her hometown Los Angeles, Heather brings a laid-back vibe and a love for analogue film to her work, infusing each shot with her signature style and storytelling finesse. With a talent for production, art direction, and styling, Heather's creative journey is as vibrant as the city she resides in.
Get comfy as we chat with Heather, as she inspires us with her inspirations, and artistic process.
Jess Bergeron a passionate herbalist and nurturing mama
Heather, we were so happy with the shoot, it completely captured the mood of Canyon, the universe must have been on both our sides, the day you reached out with your plan to shoot at this amazing house in Joshua Tree. It’s completely my vibe being a country girl, with a hippy heart and I remember your mood board was the perfect vision for the collection, can you describe the planning and inspiration behind this shoot?
It was super easy and very natural. I remember I first worked with you guys back in 2022 while I was in Florence, Italy. I was inspired by your focus on travel and the timeless silhouettes and textiles. Your collections have been photographed against a variety of beautiful landscapes and places across the globe and I thought the desert of Joshua Tree would be something different and unique and match the vibe of LILYA. Joshua Tree is only about a two and a half hour drive outside the city and it’s the perfect place for a reset, away from the busy city life in Los Angeles. It’s filled with open desert landscapes, beautiful sunsets, and a sense of stillness, not to mention some great houses. I have gone on many trips there whether with a group of friends for the weekend or for work. When I planned a shoot in this amazing location, I reached out because I knew model Genevieve’s look, the house, and your brands earthy vibe would match perfectly.

What are your favourite things to do on weekends in Los Angeles? Which places do you love to visit, and what are your favourite restaurants, activities, galleries, and thrift stores?
I live on the east side of Los Angeles where there are lots of cute restaurants, shops, and parks. You can find me on the weekends having picnics with friends or having a solo park nap at the Silverlake Meadows. My local joint is a Mexican restaurant called El Condor (get the nachos, trust me). For a great plant-forward menu, Botanico Silverlake is great. I don’t drink much anymore, but on the occasional night out, I love grabbing wine at El Prado or a mezcal cocktail at Bar Stella. There are so many galleries around the area, that I really just follow what openings catch my attention, but some off the top of my head that I’ve enjoyed recently, include Carpenters Workshop Gallery and Hauser & Wirth..
Heather Loegering photo for LILYA
We see that you play music and sing. What’s your favourite music style, band and live music venue?
Yes, I do! It is often the perfect break from the many hours, I spend at the computer editing photos or pitching to brands and it’s a great way to unwind after a long day of shooting. I especially love music by singer/songwriters such as Julia Jacklin, Adriena Lenker, and Bille Marten. I am just in the beginning stages of working on an EP and I am very excited about it. There are always so many good bands circling through LA, I recently attended a concert of one of my favourite instrumental duos - Hermosas Gutierrez who opened for Khruangbin and it was brilliant!

What is important to you in life and well being?
I do a number of things to keep myself clear headed and grounded. I live just down the street from Griffith Park in Los Angeles so many mornings when I wake up early, I pop over there and go on a light hike, meditate, or journal in nature. I have been a vegetarian since I was 4, so I naturally eat really healthy and plant-based and I try to keep my skincare fairly simple with just a few products. My mother is an integrative paediatric doctor and my sister is a naturopath, so I am in pretty good hands with them around.

What was your favourite look from the shoot?
I liked the Hacienda dress the best - I loved the mixture of the two tones, the muted colour palette, and the light weight fabric, it’s perfect for summer!
Los Angeles
What initially drew you to the world of photography, and how has your passion evolved over time?
I remember discovering Brydie Mack’s (of wolfcubwolfcub) photography back in college and had never seen images like hers before. So often photographs of women feel very male-gaze to me, and her photography really showcased the beauty of women in a unique authentic way. My passion has only grown since starting to shoot 8 years ago and I truly feel that the obsession part of it all is what keeps me going. I can spend hours learning about new lighting techniques or scouring the internet for inspiration. I have now been freelance fulltime for 1,5 years and always feel so grateful to be able to get to spend each week entirely devoted to this career that I hold so close to my heart.

Your other interests include architecture, interior design, art, and music, how do you incorporate these into your photography work?
I think it is so important to just experience art and culture, sometimes without a camera in your hand. You never know where inspiration will strike and I think the more full you are with real life interactions and experiences, the better you can contribute creatively to your own endeavours or your clients. Just the other day I was driving through a park in LA and a song came on that created a magical moment with the light and a car next to me. I am now thinking about directing and shooting a short film inspired by that moment.

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