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Meet Jess Bergeron of @jkb.journal, a passionate herbalist and nurturing mama, who brings the magic of herbalism to life from the beautiful island of Kauai, Hawaii. Jess believes in the transformative power of kitchen herbalism, advocating for fortifying our immune systems by incorporating whole foods from the grocery store and herbs from local apothecaries.

Jess encourages us to explore the creation of herbal-infused oils, offering a soothing remedy for babies and the elderly, promoting circulation and healing rashes. The shift towards accessible home herbalism becomes a meaningful remembrance, a return to a time-tested healthcare system. 
Jess Bergeron a passionate herbalist and nurturing mama
Jess is a Lilya fan, so join us as we chat to her about her daily rituals, her favourite styles, and how our fashion fits into her lifestyle.

Hey Jess, tell us a bit about yourself, your background, and what inspired you to explore traditional kitchen medicine and herbal health education.
I am a home herbalist, recipe developer, and mother to four wildly beautiful kids. We spend most of our days outside in the garden, surfing, and making tons of nourishing meals. My husband Andy and I have chosen Kauai to raise our family. We enjoy a simple slow intentional life where we are able to be barefoot and outside with our family year around. I want kitchen herbalism... folk herbalism... to feel accessible to everyone. I hope that more and more women learn about the powerful healing plants have to offer us and feel inspired to make their own medicine. It’s a beautiful practice of self reliance and trust in the natural world. When we really feel the power of whole plant medicine in our bodies… it changes everything. Every walk. Every meal. Everything becomes more sacred.
We've noticed your fashion sense really shines in your posts. Can you share what inspires your style choices and how you'd describe your fashion sense?
I am all about comfort, effortless, functional fashion. I want to look great with little to no effort at all.
You've mentioned being a fan of our brand, LILYA. We’d love to know why it resonates with you and what is your all time fave piece?
LILYA’s Molly jean is my absolute favourite. They fit perfectly…. and are so comfortable and look amazing.
I need clothing that I can grab quickly, throw on and get the kids out the door. LILYA designs clothing that makes looking good effortless. As a busy mom of four... thats what I need.
Jess Bergeron
Your social media is packed with fantastic herbal insights. Can you share a simple herbal medicine recipe our readers can try at home, along with its benefits and how to use it?
Eat more flowers! Flowers contain high levels of vitamins and minerals, are anti inflammatory, nourish our skin, and add so much to our foods. I love to chop edible flower petals up and add them to salads or herbals pestos.
Jess Bergeron Recipe
Jess Bergeron’s Fresh Plant Detox Bath Scrub.

This scrub is intended for the body… legs, feet, arms and back. It’s a stimulating exfoliator that clears off dead skin cells, stimulates lymphatic drainage and nourishes dry skin.

1/2 cup freshly chopped mint
1/2 cup freshly chopped rosemary
2 tablespoons raw chopped ginger
1 cup sugar
1/2 cup jojoba oil

Use fresh.

Jess Bergeron in Kauai
Balancing multiple roles in life can be quite a juggle. How do you manage your time and find balance between your various interests and passions?
My children always come first. Their nourishment, education, and time outdoors. All of my passion projects fit into our lives pretty seamlessly because all of my work is done in our kitchen... with the kids helping, learning, or nearby somewhere. Herbal hydration, fresh fruit, ocean swims and sunshine all help to reinvigorate me if I ever feel overwhelmed.
Looking ahead, what's your vision and mission for the work you're doing, and how do you see it influencing herbal health and traditional kitchen medicine education in the future?
I hope that everything I share inspires women to create their own herbal kitchen. I dream of kitchens full of homemade tinctures, oxymels, and infused honeys. I believe kitchen herbalism is an easy and accessible way to change the health of the next generation. Food is medicine… and our kitchens need to be a place of healing.
Jess Bergeron
Visit Jess's Instagram, it's so earthy and inspiring.
Discover more of her beautiful herbal recipes here.

Jess wearing:
Hutton Linen Shirt &  Olina Wide Leg Pant
Indah Blouse & Molly Cotton Pant
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Molly Denim Jean